Private San Francisco Tours Ahoy !

April 2019

I had a lovely couple and their 23 year old son from Amarillo, Texas on an all day tour.  Early during the tour they told me they were going to see the Warriors vs LA Clippers playoff game that night.  I suggested that they take the subway to the arena and avoid hideous Bay Bridge traffic.  As I was taking them back to their hotel they said, “Would you like to go to the game tonight”.  I would have fallen out of my chair except I was driving.  There was 3 of them but they had to buy 2 pairs of tickets from the online scalpers.  Sadly we lost the game but being invited to the game was as generous a gesture as I’ve ever received in my life.  We had a parking pass too !

It was a memorable day.  ® “I get to meet the best people in the world”