Cancellation Policy

Please Read Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

Gary Laufman Tour Guide, LLC, is fully insured and licensed by the state of California, Public Utilities Commission (TCP 34572-B)

Traffic, weather, vehicle performance, road and other conditions can cause modifications or cancelation of destination locations and itineraries. Gary Laufman Tour Guide, LLC, is not responsible for delays due to circumstances beyond our control.

Gary Laufman Tour Guide, LLC, is not responsible for theft, loss or damage to personal property.


Gary Laufman Tour Guide, LLC. shall promptly and efficiently receive and transport passengers
safely, with clients established schedule.


Gary Laufman Tour Guide, LLC. agrees to meet client’s distinct transit and pricing requirements
agreed to by the parties from time to time after the effective date as confirmed by the client.
Gary Laufman Tour Guide, LLC. further agrees to comply with all of clients reasonable instructions
Communicated to Gary Laufman Tour Guide, LLC.



Any dispute concerning, relating, or referring to our tour services shall be resolved exclusively by binding arbitration in San Francisco, California according the then existing commercial rules of the American Arbitration Association. Such proceedings will be governed by substantive (but not procedural) California law excluding any application or consideration of the California Arbitration Act.


We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
I will need your credit card number, expiration date, security number and zip (postal) code to reserve your tour date.

An email receipt will be sent to you when your card has been charged.


There is no cancellation fee if you cancel 30 days or more in advance of your scheduled tour date.

There is a 100% fee if you cancel less than 30 days before the start of your tour.

In some cases, GaryTours may cancel a tour due to weather or other circumstance. In the event
that GaryTours cancels the tour, you may choose between a rescheduling of the tour, a full
refund of all monies paid OR a credit towards an alternative tour. If you choose to accept a credit,
the difference in the cost of the alternative tour will be refunded or paid by you as applicable.


It is highly recommended that you purchase trip insurance. It is not expensive
and it can be a life saver because of missed or late flights, cruises or other
unforeseen circumstances.


Gary Laufman Tours, LLC (Tour Operator) and its affiliated entities and its employees, shareholders, officers, directors, successors, agents, and assigns, neither own nor operate any person or entity which is to, or does, provide goods or services for these trips or tours. Because “Tour Operator” does not maintain any control over the personnel, equipment, or operations of these suppliers, “Tour Operator” assumes no responsibility for and cannot be held liable for any personal injury, death, property damage, or other loss, accident, delay, inconvenience, or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of (1) any wrongful, negligent, willful, or unauthorized acts or omissions on the part of any of the tour suppliers, or other employees or agents, (2) any defect in or failure of any vehicle, equipment, instrument owned, operated or otherwise by any of these suppliers, or (3) any wrongful, willful, or negligent act or omissions on any part of any other party not under the supervision or control of the Operator.